New Job, New Life

Guess what, I have a new job! It’s not your typical job though. It’s a very tough and demanding job and — YOU ARE NOT PAID A SINGLE CENT FOR IT! But, I am loving it! Yes, our little Breanne arrived last month and I am officially a mom!

We didn’t expect that we were getting a baby girl, we thought all the while that a baby boy was on the way. Well, the ultrasound results showed a boy and we were all quite surprised when we had a baby girl! So yes, instant shopping because all the stuff we bought were for a baby boy.

Being a mom is really a 24/7 job with no days off. There are times that I awfully get frustrated with how things are but at the end of it all, seeing those two little angelic eyes look at me and that sweet little smile brings that unexplained joy to my heart. So because of my very demanding new job, sadly I have to give up blogging for now, especially because Breanne is a handful. Who knows, I might put up a new blog soon!

Master Chef Australia: Amazing Kids in the Kitchen!

I just love watching cooking game shows. I makes me wanna eat and watch at the same time. Sure enough, there have been numerous cooking shows that features master chefs and even amateur chefs, but I have seen so far like the ones in Junior Master Chef Australia. Kids, yes kids have been features this time on the hits reality-cooking-game show of all time.

Adults can do gourmet meals easily but you’ll never expect them on kids. As young as 6 years old, these culinary gifted boys and girls wows the audience every week with their amazing cooking skills and incredible God given graces. These kids don’t just play around the kitchen, they do business. And they prepare more that culinary norms. Their products are out of this old and you’ll never expect that it would from a 6 year old girl. These kids are amazing and they should be acknowledged for their efforts.

Paris Hilton: Not Your Typical Blonde

All children grow up, even little miss Paris Hilton. Before this blonde bimbo got famous not just she is an hotel heiress, but also from her infamous acts like constant love affairs, scandalous videos, revealing clothes, strange diets and her plastered smile in front of the SLR camera.

Now, Paris is slowly making a new name in the marketing business. She has been establishing stable companies worldwide. She even went to Manila, just to meet up with the Pacquiaos for a business. Paris has been busy lately touring the world spearing from country to country. Slowly, the world is now aware the Paris is a person that is responsible, caring and dedicated to her job. Bimbo, no more!

The Baby Shower Checklist

Imagine this. I have to organize my own baby shower. Isn’t suppose to be the brides maids are in-charge of this? Since they are all on day and they can’t leave the hospital to prepare this, Lenny gave me the list of things needed for the bash. To tell you the truth, this is a bit awkward; a pregnant lady preparing for her own baby shower. Oi. I want to show you guys what I have to go through over a week until the shower on Saturday.

One Week prior to the Baby Shower

  • Gather up enough chairs and tables that you are going to need. (WHERE DO I SIT?)
  • Make sure you have a camera on hand, if its digital, have a full charge.
  • Begin to clean and prepare your house. (FUNNY)

The Day before the Baby Shower

  • Review the games (make sure you know how they are played). (WHAT GAMES?)
  • Pick up the cake and any last minute food items (ice).
  • Chill the beverages. (CAN I CHILL AS WELL?)
  • Picture how the shower is going to go! (uhm…NO)


  • Have your balloons inflated. You might want to place some at the end of your road and driveway to help guide guests to your house. (JUSTIN!)
  • Set out the beverages, glasses, and ice. (JUSTIN, HONEY!)
  • Set out the food.
  • Greet your guests with a smile. (I’LL TRY)
  • Enjoy the Party, you’ve worked hard and deserve it! (I HOPE SO)

Gordon Ramsay: Soccer Player Turned Chef

When life gives you lemons, makes lemonades. Every time I had a penny after hearing that I would strike it rich. Apparently Gordon Ramsey is one of these people who could at test to this saying. Who would have thought this moody, rude and hot temper world class chief was once a footballer? I only found out it while I was watching something on the TV a while ago. I got interested at Ramsey and looked him up on the web.

At age 15 years he was one of the Glasgow Rangers back in the mid-80′s. But he meet an unfortunate accident when at the third year point of his athletic career which made it as an end  as well. Who wouldn’t be disappointed? Fame and fortune were at this grasp, then it all suddenly melted away. That where he pursued cooking and studied hotel management school.

Soon enough he was elbow to elbow with the industry most renowned chefs. Ramsay was making his way up again, but in whole new playing field. Later, he is acknowledged by top restaurants worldwide as a master chef. He truly mastered his craft in the cooking which is a great compensation for his lost athleticism.

Soon enough he became part of the US franchise of the hit TV show, Master Chef US, together with the culinary world’s best chef. He was known for his rudeness and toughness while at the kitchen. He also has his own TV show; Hell’s kitchen which he is even more showcased in it together with his contestants.

Sweet Treat: Top 5 Dessert Treats

I dug up my old cook book last night and found these amazing desserts These are basically English desserts since mom would always visit my aunt in New Hampshire. She gave mom this cook book which mom became tired trying new stuff from this book since she often screws up the instructions. I asked the book from her when I got into middle school and tried cooking the dessert section of the book. Amazing, I didn’t find it that hard to do. I want to share this with you guys. You can look for the instructions online since I don’t want to fully divulge my aunt’s secret recipes.

1. Rich Bread and Butter Pudding

This is a personal favorite of mine. It luxurious mixture of bread and butter the absolutely melts inside your mouth. This practically served during the holidays and has been a crowd pleasure ever since. This is easily done since the main ingredient is bread and is layered over another until the whole baking pan is filled. It only takes 30 to 40 minutes, perfect for unexpected holiday guests.

2. Spotted Dick

It is not what you think it is! This has been one the oldest English desserts there are. This pudding is another English favorite, although I’m not really sure how prepare this one. The ingredients would usually include raisins, cooked apples, brown sugar, lemon zest, white breadcrumbs and shredded suet. This is also usually topped with a traditional English Custard.

3. Individual Queen of Puddings

This delicious royal treat is best served, well, individually. It is made up of milk, butter, breadcrumbs, Morello cherries, and lemon zest.  This would only take 25 minutes to cook and fast enough to prepare. Good for small group of people like 4-5 since it has to be done individually. Best served hot.

4. Old English Apple Hat

This upside-down apple pit treat is another Holiday sensation. This pudding contains suet crust encasing fresh and luscious apples with a hint of cloves. Apple simmering time would be around 2 hours, but you may want to get started on this desserts preparation at the crack of dawn. Top of with a little English custard and you’ve got yourself a little slice of heaven.

5. Butterscotch and Banana Trifle with Madeira

Sounds yummy? Wait till you taste it! Another holiday sensation that tingles your senses to the bones. This contains bananas,  butterscotch sauce, brown sugar, vanilla extract and golden syrup. Just typing about this makes my mouth water. Remember to topped with the good ole English custard, pecan nuts and double cream for the perfect holiday dessert and holiday occasion.

What’s Vitamin A all About?

There are a lot of supplements and vitamins we basically have to take daily, but what are they really for. Not to mention they are even arranged in alphabetical order? What’s the use? Can it really help us? Are they really essential? It’s a big yes to all those questions. Vitamins and minerals are so essential that our body can’t function well without them. They are responsible for the maintenance and development of certain muscles and body part for optimum usage. Taking these vitamins on a daily basis makes you assured of a good and sturdy life ahead.

Vitamin A is the first among the list of vitamins. This certain kind of vitamin is responsible for the maintenance of the body’s eyesight, bone growth, cell division and differentiation. This also regulates the immune system which makes the body fight off infections. Basically, this vitamin is so essential hence it is vitamin A.

There are a lot of food groups which Vitamin A is available. It can mostly be found on fresh and clean produce like carrots, and other green leafy vegetables. Vitamin A can also be derived from meat products like fish, beef, and in milk as well. Supplements are also available in pharmacies and drug stores in you are allergic to some of these food groups.

The New Proform Series

Justin has been super helpful and patient with my cravings since I got pregnant. So I’ve decided to reward him for his gallant efforts. My poor hubby has been gaining weight since he has been missing his gym session just to satisfy my needs. And since I’ve told him not to wonder off after working hours and to go straight right home, I going to buy him gym equipment so that he can work out here. Of course my hubby deserves nothing but the best and nobody produces the best gym equipment by Proform. I’ve read in an article that Proform has been the top producer of gym equipments like treadmills and ellipticals with thousands of excellent comments from consumers.  It has multiple and function features the most consumers love the LED screens, iFit features, Internet accessibility and even iPod compatibility.

For Justin, I chose the Proform Performance 900 Treadmill. Justin loves to run. He actual is part of the running team back in high school. They say this is the runner’s machine, I sure hope so. This certain product is a part of a new entire line of the Proform series this season. This machine also includes 20 pre-set workouts for you to choose from. It is divided into two, 10 weight loss programs and 10 performance programs designed by a certified personal trainer.

The Perfect Room to Welcome our Little Angel — Which one is Better?

Aside from the stress I’ve been getting because of the current status, another main issue has been bugging my mind. Every waking moment this thought hasn’t left my mind, until Justin had enough. He said my worries trouble him so much that he decide we took care of it. And so here I am facing this issue on hand, what color should I place in baby’s room? I have been dreaming of the perfect room for our little angel but the thing is it keeps on changing. It must be the damn hormonal changes. Honestly, I can’t keep a solid decision right now. Thank God for Justin since he has been so patient with me and my excessive whining since I got pregnant. Maybe mom has been talking to him to extend his patience.

Anyways, I have been so ambivalent about this whole room décor thingi that I decided to search to the web for some inspiration. I finally did found one but it didn’t stop there. I also found two more that could be my baby’s room. I wanted the room to be modern yet baby friend, to be stylish yet functional, and of course something that would last for a lifetime.

My Love For Knitting

Ever since my grandma though me this, It has been my hobby especially when I wasn’t busy in school or with anything. I remember those lazy afternoons with her where she would grab her knitting and would knit the time away. Every time visit the country side at grandma’s, its always her knitting that I can recall vividly. She started teaching me when I turned 9. I was stubborn at first since I wanted to play outside with the other kids, but she really insisted that I should learn how to knit. According to her, technology changes the times and she is worried that the day will come that nobody knows how to manually knit clothes anymore. As a reward for listening to her, she always gives me one of her chocolate bonbons. Until the years have gone by and I was in middle school already. I got used to the routine were I would spend the afternoons with grandma during our visits and knit stuff with her. I always knit gloves, socks and even hats while grandma would knit sweaters for everyone.

Even until now, after grandma has passed away almost 10 years ago, I still continue to knit. During the weekends, I would grab my knitting needles and make gloves, hats and sweaters for the holidays. I also make extra to give away as present. At least I don’t have to buy one off the store which I could save a lot. Now, I’m into making tiny baby clothes. Yes, I do desire to have children of my own. I hope my husband Justin get the message. Ha ha!